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Trying to shop sustainably is a big challenge. Textile industry is so interwoven, very few manufacturers are big enough to do everything themselves. Many outsource, and how can we know if they use suppliers that are treating nature and their employees with respect? Questions upon questions.

Lately, whilst discussing fashion, styles and where our clothing comes from, I’ve realized that I have a set of my own guidelines that I’ve been following for about three years now.

Here we go…

The best, of course, is not to shop clothing anymore. This is unrealistic, so maybe let’s all try to shop less. Have you tried mending or upcycling our clothing?

The second best thing is to shop second-hand. You can again mend second-hand buys or upcycle them to give them current shapes and style.

The third best thing is to buy from nature- and workforce-friendly brands. There are big companies who are going green but there are also many small upcoming designers and brands. My rule of thumb is to buy from the makers. Etsy used to be a good address for that, now you have to know yourself if it is realistic that a one-man company makes thousands of articles. Research and try to shop locally, there might be great artisan makers near you.

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It’d be interesting to hear what you think and how you shop. How long have you been a nature-conscious shopper?